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Maxie the husky on a walk

“Maxine Theresa, aka Maxie, my almost six-year-old Siberian Husky, was needing more exercise than I could give her so I went looking for someone who would give Maxie a good workout. One of the happiest days of our lives is the one on which we found Desireé Haight and The Jogging Dog. Desireé has totally fulfilled that need. Her daily reports on how their run went keeps me informed of how Maxie is now getting the exercise and attention she needed to return to the friskiness of her younger days. Not only that, but Maxine now anticipates and then eagerly waits for the time Desireé  will be coming to take her on their daily run together. Of all the ‘dog people’ I have ever met, Desireé  ranks number one and I unqualifiedly recommend The Jogging Dog.”

Walter H.

Reilly and Rufus enjoying some playtime in the backyard

We have a highly fearful dog that shows his fear with aggression. This scares off most dog sitters and kennels. Desiree was not daunted in the least and, being the skilled dog trainer that she is, was able to handle him with ease. I was worried that we would never be able to go on vacation again! It was so nice to relax on vacation and know that both of our dogs were in such great hands. Desiree sent us daily e-mails letting us know what the dogs were up to and how the day went (which is comforting, as well). She ran them every other day and gave them lots of love! She even got our little dog who was used to sleeping on the bed (much to my husband's dismay) to sleep in his kennel. I am not exaggerating when I say that Desiree is a miracle worker and we are so grateful to have found her!

Jen and Ken P.(Reilly and Rufus, too!)

Gracie the pit bull on a walk

I was very fortunate to hear about The Jogging Dog through my vet. I had been ill and was not going to be able to exercise myself or the dogs (Bernie Mac and Gracie Mae) for months. These dogs needed a reliable, trained dog-walker who is willing to work with Pit Bulls. Not all walkers are comfortable with the Pit Bull breed; fortunately, Ms. Desiree’ Haight is.  Also, The Jogging Dog offers services, such as pet sitting; training; and poo patrol. That is wonderful! The icing on the cake is that she doesn’t just walk Bernie Mac and Gracie Mae:

  • jogs with them;

  • leash trains them;

  • appears on schedule to run the dogs five days a week;

  • immediately informs me of anything unusual she notices about the dogs;

  • writes periodic articles about the dogs;

  • takes absolutely wonderful pictures of the dogs and shares them at The Jogging Dog website;

  • and she genuinely cares about the overall well being of the dogs!  

Bernie Mac and Gracie Mae were immediately comfortable with Ms. Haight. This is no surprise considering her wonderful, caring personality. The dogs have reached the Silver Level Athlete at The Jogging Dog – meaning they have run 100 miles! This alone gives me peace of mind, as I know they are healthier. In addition to being healthier their temperament is greatly improved and they enjoy a much more relaxed energy inside the house. 

I want everybody to know about The Jogging Dog, as it is difficult to find somebody trustworthy, knowledgeable about dogs and consistent with maintaining a schedule. I very highly recommend The Jogging Dog to anybody who loves their dog(s) and wants to do right by their furry family member(s). Thank you Desiree’ for all you’ve done! You made a noticeable and meaningful difference in the lives of my dogs and I and this is much appreciated!!!

Elizabeth O.

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