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Growing up on a ranch in rural Northern California I developed a love for animals. My love for dogs and a desire to help others prompted me to become a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind after college. I eventually decided to pursue a career as a dog trainer and attended Triple Crown Academy for Professional Dog Trainers in 2003. Since then I have worked for dog daycare and kennel facilities, and I have worked with various rescue organizations. I have experience working with breeds of all sizes and temperaments. 

I created The Jogging Dog because I believe that daily exercise is essential to our pets' health and longevity. Many dogs need much more than a dog walker in order to meet their daily exercise requirements. I became an avid runner a few years ago, and one or more of my dogs would frequently join me on my shorter runs. I've experienced first hand the effects regular exercise had on my dogs' behavior and health. My goal is to help other dog owners in the Greater Sacramento area experience these benefits as well.

Bodie ad Plays
Louie and Sam
Roadie and Bo
Poppy and Lily
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